Get rid of the chaos and confusion at the front desk

Manage your office and reception easily with Ofisly. With Ofisly, you’ll make it easier for the reception to manage visitors, keep track of incoming packages, or report problems.

All you need for
easy running of the reception

Thanks to Ofisly, you are in control of your office and reception. All essential things are tracked and recorded in one place. Employees get rid of repetitive phone calls and emails at the reception desk.

Overview of every movement in the building

Ofisly will help you to organize and track office visits. Manage all scheduled visits and keep track of guest arrivals and departures. You can send an email to guests before their visit to confirm their visit or to provide them with the necessary documents.

In addition, we keep a history of all visits for you, which you can filter and search by various criteria.

Employees can also report visitors and add a guest parking request.

No more uncollected packages

Package records in Ofisly allow you to manage and track all packages received.

When the parcel arrives at reception, you enter it into the app, giving details of who it is for or what it looks like.

Offisly will automatically notify the recipient of the delivery of the package via email or Slack message.

All packages are recorded in history so that nothing is forgotten.

Keep track of reported problems

Incident reporting allows the office manager to quickly and easily track office-related problems.

Just fill in a short form with a description of the problem and, if necessary, additional information on how and where it occurred. After submitting the form, the office manager will receive a notification and can start solving the problem, for example with the building management.

Problems can be reported by staff or anyone at reception.

All reported problems are kept in history to track their resolution and possibly find solutions for similar problems.

Important notices in one place

Do you have some news you need to share with all employees? Use the office announcement feature.

Tell your colleagues about upcoming events or planned office changes in a good time.

Users will see the notification on their dashboard or send it to their email.

You can add notifications either for the whole company or for a specific branch and they can be limited in time.

Saves time and stress

No more running around the building looking for the recipient of the delivered package. Employees and office managers will be relieved.

All locations

You can easily manage all your branches in Ofisly. You get an overview of all the happenings in all your locations.

With no extra work

Office managers save several hours a month on administration. No more phone calls and filling out spreadsheets, everything runs in the cloud.

Access from anywhere

You can access Ofisly from anywhere. From the office or from your mobile phone. With the mobile app, you can manage your office on your way to work.

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