Ofisly tracks and stores the IP addresses of visitors to its websites in order to record access to its websites. IP addresses are not passed on to third parties, and Ofisly uses technical and organizational measures to keep them secure, subject to the rights set out in this document.

Ofisly uses cookies to facilitate the use of its website, for its social services, and for logging in and evaluating traffic to the website by individual users. The information collected through cookies may be shared with advertising partners and analytics services such as Google Analytics and AdWords, who may combine it with other information they have collected about you from their services. Cookies are generally valid for one year from the date they are received, after which time Ofisly will ask you to reconfirm your acceptance of cookies. Most internet browsers are automatically set to accept cookies. You can make the change in your browser settings. It is possible to refuse to accept cookies, but refusal may mean a reduced user experience.

Ofisly uses the following types of cookies:

  • user-input cookies;
  • authentication cookies;
  • cookies that store your preferences and settings;
  • performance cookies;
  • security cookies (fraud prevention);
  • third-party advertising files;
  • first-party analytics cookies;
  • social media tracking cookies.

Within your browser settings, you can manually delete, block or completely disable the use of individual cookies. For more information, please use your browser help.