Book a desk from anywhere with one click

The desk with the best view or next to a favorite colleague. You can book your place in the office in seconds – for one day or for a whole week. Anytime, anywhere, from your computer or phone. No more ever-expanding shared spreadsheets or any other way to record bookings manually.

Perfect overview of usage offices

With Ofisly, you can assign desks to individual employees or dedicate entire sectors to individual departments. You always have a realistic overview of your workplace usage at your fingertips.

Smart booking system

Book a desk with a click of a button. Or two if you want to choose a different desk than the last one you sat at.

The application also allows you to permanently assign a desk to a specific employee. If it is not currently used, one click makes the desk available for the next person.

Office overview

In the app, you can see who has desks booked if you and a colleague would like to sit next to each other. You can see who is in the office that day and who you can’t see in person.

Easy to use filters

Do you want to sit on an ergonomic chair on the third floor by the window and have two monitors at your disposal? Set the appropriate filters and find a desk to suit your needs.


A few clicks and you can see how busy the shared desks are. The app shows you in easy-to-understand numbers and graphs.

You may find that you have too many desks. Or you might find that some desks are in constant demand, while others are not in demand. Find out why and make them work to keep your employees happy.

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No missed bookings

The app generates a QR code for each desk and you stick it on the corresponding desk. The employee scans the code into the app when they arrive at work. This confirms that the booking has been used. Unconfirmed bookings are automatically cancelled by the app.

How Ofisly helps specific people

in a few seconds

Book a desk anytime, anywhere with just a few clicks and choose what you need for your work. If the employee doesn’t show up for work, the booking is cancelled automatically.

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Perfect overview with minimum effort

They no longer have to update endless spreadsheets and worry about someone accidentally deleting something in them. He always has an overview of who’s at work that day and who’s working from home.

Costs at a glance in figures

The boss can read from the app the workload of the desks and whether the employees are using them. In addition, they can see all shared items in one place, including easy-to-understand statistical reports.

Saves time and stress

No more circling around a full car park or waiting for a free car. Employees and office managers alike can breathe a sigh of relief.

Book from anywhere

You can access Office from anywhere. From the office or from your mobile phone. The mobile app allows you to make bookings on your way to work.

User groups

Create groups in the app, for example, according to departments in your company. It’s up to you to decide to who you want to give parking and car-sharing privileges.

Bookings in the calendar

All bookings are automatically synchronized with your calendar in Google or Outlook.

Fair System

In the app, you can set a limit on the maximum number of bookings per employee per month. And no one will be jealous.

All branches

People can choose which branch they want to book at before booking. You’ll get an overview of what’s happening in all your locations.

ESG ready

Use analytics to track your environmental sustainability progress in real-time.

No extra work

Office managers save several hours a month on administration. No more phone calls and filling out spreadsheets, everything runs in the cloud.

Ofisly saved work for these companies

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