Save hundreds of kilometers a month by carpooling

Carpooling is a great way to save hundreds of miles per month. Ofisly makes it easy to share rides between employees for regular trips to work.

Commute to work together and cheaper

Help your employees travel to work more cheaply with carpooling.

Overview of the company carpools

All your company carpools can be found in one place in the app. You can filter rides, search from where to where you need a ride, and then send a ride request straight away.

You can schedule carpools
as a one-off for a year in advance

Create carpools for months in advance – add times, routes, and all the information you need for your trip.

Easily split the cost of the trip

In the details of each ride, the employee can see details of the route, the vehicle, the driver, and the cost of the ride. Then all you have to do is send a request for a ride, to which you can add a message.

Saves time and stress

No more circling around a full car park or waiting for a free car. Employees and office managers alike can breathe a sigh of relief.

Book from anywhere

You can access Office from anywhere. From the office or from your mobile phone. The mobile app allows you to make bookings on your way to work.

User groups

Create groups in the app, for example, according to departments in your company. It’s up to you to decide to who you want to give parking and car-sharing privileges.

Bookings in the calendar

All bookings are automatically synchronized with your calendar in Google or Outlook.

Fair System

In the app, you can set a limit on the maximum number of bookings per employee per month. And no one will be jealous.

All branches

People can choose which branch they want to book at before booking. You’ll get an overview of what’s happening in all your locations.

ESG ready

Use analytics to track your environmental sustainability progress in real-time.

No extra work

Office managers save several hours a month on administration. No more phone calls and filling out spreadsheets, everything runs in the cloud.

Try Ofisly for free for 14 days

No commitment. On trial. With all the features we offer and no limit on the number of users. No credit card details.