5 reasons why choose Ofisly

Still not sure why choose Ofisly? We've put together 5 reasons that will convince you to at least give the app a try.


Takes the stress out of employees

Thanks to Ofisly, employees know where, how often and what they can book. They don’t have to search for the last available spot or look for a free car to travel to a client. They can easily make a reservation with just one click.


Save hours of time per month

No more circling the parking lot, no more lengthy phone calls, and no more arguing about who can park and how often. Employees can find everything in one place. In addition, Ofisly will take care of the automated logbook and help with office management.


Reduces costs

With analytics, you’ll quickly see if you’re using your resources to the max, and if not, the app will show you where you can save costs. You can set which cars are prioritized for business travel.


Increased efficiency

No more free spots during the holidays. Ofisly will make sure your resources are used efficiently. Allocated posts can be offered to colleagues on a short-term basis. Resource utilization scores increase by an average of 30% in companies thanks to Ofisly.


Help with the agenda

Office managers will find their own. Thanks to Ofisly, they have an overview of the daily running of the office. They immediately know who will be in the office today, what cars are in the parking lot or what visitors are in the building. However, the app also alerts them to upcoming service or the expiration of a car’s highway tag. In short, it will make sure they don’t forget anything.