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Visualize and simplify the use of your workplace with an office overview

Navigate your workspace with clarity and ease. Our Office Overview feature gives you the power to view and manage who’s in and who’s out without breaking a sweat. It’s all about making your day simpler and your office smarter.

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Desk booking software

See who’s where with our interactive floor plan

Step into a visual guide of your office with our interactive floor plan. Whether you need to find a free desk for a visiting consultant or check if the sales team is in, our map makes it a breeze. Updated in real-time, it’s your go-to tool for managing office space efficiently and fostering a collaborative work environment.

  • Instant desk insights: Spot which desks are free or occupied at a glance.
  • Manage space dynamically: Rearrange and assign desks with simple drag-and-drop.
  • Boost collaboration: Quickly locate teams and individuals, making it easier to plan spontaneous meetings or collaborations.

Simplify your week with our hybrid scheduler

Balancing in-office and remote work? Our hybrid scheduler is here to streamline it all. From planning who will be in the office next Wednesday to tracking upcoming holidays, our scheduler ensures you’re always a step ahead. It’s planning made perfect, enabling a flexible, efficient workflow that adapts to your team’s needs.

  • Visibility into team schedules: Easily access your team’s weekly plans to see when they’ll be in the office or away.
  • Flexible scheduling options: Adjust and update work arrangements as needed to support a balanced office and remote working.
  • Planning made easy: Anticipate and manage office capacity effectively to meet daily or weekly needs.
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Seamless hybrid workspace management

Ofisly makes it easy for teams to collaborate and work together, no matter where they are located, with efficient and flexible desk booking software features designed for hybrid work.

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Interactive floor plans

Interactive floor plans enable users to visualize and manage workplace with ease. Find a desk that suits you the best.

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Hot desks

Keep your office running smoothly with our hot desk booking app. Book workspaces on-the-go with ease.

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Set your booking rules

Take control of your office. Define your booking rules, from how far in advance to book to who can reserve which desk. You can also set limits on bookings per month.

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Book from anywhere

You can access Ofisly from anywhere. From the office or from your mobile phone. You can even make desk booking on your way to work.

Users icon
User groups

Our user group management tool allows you to easily grant or restrict access to different areas of the workspace based on user roles and permissions.

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Bookings in the calendar

All desks bookings are automatically synchronized with your calendar in Google or Outlook.

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