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Let your users effortlessly book desks and workspaces with just a click on our interactive maps and floor plans.

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Simplify desk booking with interactive floorplans

Give your users the power to choose their workspace with interactive floorplans and maps. Learn how this feature empowers users and improves desk booking flexibility.

Effortless desk selection

Say goodbye to the old-fashioned way of reserving desks. Our interactive floorplans allow users to browse through available desks, and workstations effortlessly.

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Real-Time availability

Instantly see which desks are available and which are already booked. The real-time updates ensure that you never double-book or waste time searching for a workspace.

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Customizable maps

Tailor the interactive maps to your office’s layout. Add labels, sections, and other features to make the booking process intuitive and unique to your workspace.

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Improved user experience

Your employees will love the visual, user-friendly experience that our interactive floorplans provide. It reduces confusion, saves time, and enhances overall satisfaction

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Space optimization

With our interactive floorplans and maps, you can gain valuable insights into how your office space is utilized. Analyze data on desk occupancy and popular work areas.

Design your office floorplan with ease

Creating an interactive floorplan or map is a breeze. Follow these simple steps to get started.

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Add workplaces and desks

Begin by adding workplaces and desks. Ofisly will assist you in generating workplaces and desks according to your specific requirements.

Upload floor plan image
Upload your floorplan image

To bring your workspace to life, upload a high-quality floorplan image to serve as the foundation for your interactive map.

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Mark desks on the map

Once your floorplan is uploaded, mark desks on the map to accurately represent their location and availability. Customize the map to suit your workspace’s unique layout and needs.

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With our interactive floorplans and maps, desk booking software becomes more efficient, engaging, and user-friendly. Join us today!