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Manage your office and book desks, company cars, and parking spots in an easy-to-use app. No more shared spreadsheets, calendars, and organizational emails. Ofisly takes care of everything for you.

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Your office in one app

Have you ever booked cinema tickets online? This is even easier. We’ve designed the app so that anyone can use it, including non-technical types. There are only features that you’ll actually use, and you’ll get rid of chaotic excel spreadsheets.

Desk sharing

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Book a desk from anywhere

Get rid of the endless spreadsheets that employees have to sign in to make sure they have somewhere to sit in the office.

The app includes:

  • booking system with the possibility of booking a job for half a day, a full day or a week,
  • the possibility of assigning desks or entire sectors to individual employees or entire departments (e.g. 1st floor for marketing),
  • the possibility to filter desks according to the attributes assigned (two monitors, window seat, etc.),
  • automatic checking of booking usage using a QR code and automated cancellation of the reservation if the employee does not show up for work,
  • an overview of office occupancy.

Parking sharing

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Get rid of the employee the stress of parking

Avoid confusion in the parking lot and fight for the last available spot.

The app includes:

  • booking system with the possibility of long-term and short-term reservations,
  • the possibility of assigning spots to employees or visitors,
  • the possibility of setting up a watchdog in case of a full parking lot,
  • classification of spots according to specific parameters,
  • possibility to limit the number of bookings per month for employees
  • and an overview of the parking lot occupancy.

You save employees time and stress and get rid of cluttered manual records.


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Save money and time by sharing company cars

Get rid of manual car records and use company cars efficiently.

The app includes:

  • a booking system that selects the right car for the type of journey or the specific employee,
  • carpools that save employees hundreds of miles,
  • an analytics module that uses statistics to evaluate whether you’re using all your cars efficiently.

You save costs and time for employees and fleet managers.

Office management

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Agenda around
the office in one place

Get rid of excel spreadsheets and paper documents

The app includes:

  • Guestbook, which allows you to keep track of the movements of everyone in the building,
  • incident reporting system to keep track of all requests,
  • office overview where you can see how many people will be in the office and who is working from home,
  • office notifications to let colleagues know about upcoming events,
  • in-coming package register to alert employees when they’ve received their parcel,
  • carpooling to save employees hundreds of miles.

Save time and keep your office under control.

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How Ofisly helps specific people

Booking in a few seconds

Employees always have a secure place to park and work, just like a company car, which is just a few clicks away. No need to make arrangements with colleagues, fill in spreadsheets or check multiple shared calendars.

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Perfect overview with minimal effort

Office manager has a perfect overview of workplace usage and who is in the office at the moment. The fleet agenda is kept to a minimum. We’ll even alert you to service dates or expiring vignettes.

Costs at a glance in figures

From the app, the boss can easily see how busy desks, company cars, and parking spots are, and whether he or she is accidentally losing money. The reports are always available in the app at any time and from anywhere.

You can easily integrate Ofisly with commonly used tools

Log in with Google or Microsoft account, easy integration with Google or Outlook calendar or your Slack.

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