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Unlock the full potential of your workplace parking with our intuitive parking booking system. Allocate, release, and efficiently manage parking spots with just a few clicks.

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Guaranteed spots for your top team

With Ofisly, ensure your executives always have a spot reserved. High-priority parking is set for a year, making planning as simple as it is strategic. This foresight allows your management team to schedule their availability in advance, enhancing predictability and reducing last-minute scrambles.

  • Predictability: Year-long spot reservations for essential personnel ensure parking availability without daily hassle.
  • Efficiency: Easy release of unused spots optimizes space usage, keeping your parking lot full only when needed.
  • Convenience: Automated reminders to release spots help maintain smooth operations throughout the year.

Dynamic parking access for every employee

Empower your team by offering access to unused executive parking spots. With our system, office managers can effortlessly release spots, ensuring no space goes to waste. This dynamic approach adapts to daily changes, maximizing resource utilization and supporting a flexible work environment.

  • Flexibility: Maximize parking availability with real-time management, adapting quickly to any changes in daily needs.
  • Employee Satisfaction: Enhanced accessibility increases employee morale by providing opportunities for all to benefit from available prime parking.
  • Parking Optimization: Reduce parking waste by ensuring all spaces are utilized as efficiently as possible, which leads to greater overall efficiency.

Optimize your office parking efficiency

Ofisly parking management system is your comprehensive solution for optimizing office parking. With features like parking spot release and real-time availability updates, our platform simplifies parking management

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Interactive maps

Interactive maps enable users to visualize and manage parking lots with ease. Find a spot that suits you the best.

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Handle license plates

Effortlessly manage license plates and optimize parking spots usage. Keep track of all vehicles in the parking lot in one place.

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Visitors parking

Hassle-free visitor parking. Book a spot for your guest and send them instructions about parking via email right from the app.

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Book from anywhere

You can access Ofisly from anywhere. From the office or from your mobile phone. The mobile app allows you to make bookings on your way to work.

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User groups

Our user group management tool allows you to easily grant or restrict access to different areas of the workspace based on user roles and permissions.

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Bookings in the calendar

All bookings are automatically synchronized with your calendar in Google or Outlook.

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