How to make the most of Locations?

What are the Locations?

Locations empower you to effortlessly oversee various company branches all in one convenient place. Your team members can easily select the specific branch where they wish to make a booking. Whether your locations operate independently or are linked by groups, our user-friendly interface ensures a smooth experience.


Enhance your setup by combining Locations with Groups. This way, you can effortlessly allocate workplaces, parking spaces, or resources from various branches to specific user groups.

How to set it up?

Getting started is a breeze. Begin by activating the Locations feature in the app settings. Create locations effortlessly by selecting a suitable name and then assigning individual workplaces or parking lots to each location.

Important Note:

When combining Locations with Groups, remember that the default location for all users within a group will be set accordingly. Users always have the flexibility to adjust their location in their personal settings.

We’re here to make your workplace management journey with Ofisly as smooth as possible. If you have any questions or need further assistance, feel free to explore our comprehensive knowledge base or reach out to our support team. Happy managing!