How to use groups?

What are groups?

Groups make it easy to grant or restrict access to individual workplaces, parking lots or shared resources to the users of the app. For example, you can create groups according to departments in your company.


You can also use Groups in combination with Locations to assign workplaces, parking lots, or resources from other branches to individual user groups.

How to set it up?

Creating groups is easy. Just choose a suitable name, select the users who belong to the group and then assign them shared resources.


After the first group is created, you must assign each user to a group. If the user does not have a group assigned, he/she must ask the administrator for an assignment. The request is sent directly from the app and is delivered to the app administrator.

What does a reservation conflict mean?

Reservation collisions can occur during group creation. This situation only occurs if you are already using the application and users have made resource reservations or you have assigned seats to users.

The collision occurs because you are removing a user’s permission to use a shared resource for which he or she has made a reservation or has been assigned a seat on the workstation.

To save a group, you must either delete collision reservations or remove users from the newly created group.

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