How to use groups?

About groups

Groups in Ofisly are a powerful tool designed to simplify access control for individual workplaces, parking lots, or shared resources within the app. They enable you to effortlessly manage permissions, allowing you to customize access based on departments or specific user roles in your company.


Take advantage of Groups in conjunction with Locations to efficiently allocate workplaces, parking lots, or resources from different branches to specific user groups.

Setting up Groups

Creating groups is a straightforward process. Choose a fitting name, select the users associated with the group, and then allocate the shared resources accordingly.

Important note

Once the first group is established, it’s crucial to assign each user to a group promptly. Users without group assignments should request one from the administrator via the app. The request is seamlessly sent directly to the app administrator.

Understanding Reservation Conflicts:

Reservation conflicts may arise during group creation, especially if the app is already in use, and users have existing resource reservations or assigned seats.

This situation occurs because, in creating a group, you may be revoking a user’s permission for a shared resource they’ve reserved or have been assigned a seat.

To successfully save a group, address reservation collisions by either deleting conflicting reservations or removing users from the newly created group. This ensures a smooth and conflict-free setup within Ofisly.