Permissions and user types

Ofisly is designed to streamline the management of workplace bookings with a clear, hierarchical user system. Whether you’re an administrator, operator, or a user, understanding your privileges and capabilities is key to maximizing your experience with our desk booking software.

User Roles Overview

  1. Administrator
    • Capabilities: As an administrator, you hold the keys to the kingdom. You have full access to all settings, allowing you to configure booking rules, manage groups, and oversee the entire office desk booking system. Your role is crucial for tailoring Ofisly to your company’s specific needs and ensuring everything runs smoothly.
    • Key Responsibilities:
      • Manage and configure booking rules and group settings
      • Access to all administrative functions and user management
      • Oversee and modify any bookings as needed
  2. Operator
    • Capabilities: Operators typically include front desk personnel or those designated to manage day-to-day operations. While operators don’t have access to backend settings, they play a vital role in managing bookings and analyzing workplace utilization.
    • Key Responsibilities:
      • Create or cancel bookings on behalf of other users
      • Access reports to monitor and analyze usage of workplace resources
      • Assist users with booking queries and troubleshoot minor issues
  3. User
    • Capabilities: Regular users can easily create bookings for themselves. This role is designed to be straightforward, allowing every employee to manage their reservations without hassle.
    • Key Responsibilities:
      • Make reservations for personal use
      • View personal booking schedule
      • Utilize available resources efficiently