Notifications in Slack ๐Ÿš€

We are adding notifications to Slack. The feature allows users to receive notifications and alerts from Ofisly directly to their work feeds in Slack.

Slack notifications can replace email notifications for users. With Slack, users get all the important notifications such as:

  • notification of vacant seats or automatic reservation by the guard,
  • cancellation of a reservation by an administrator or information about rescheduling a reservation,
  • information from the reception desk – pending visitor or unclaimed package,
  • or a daily summary of all reservations.

The administrator will then find information in his Slack about:

  • new car bookings,
  • collision bookings,
  • or reported employee problems.

You can turn on notifications in Slack in the app settings. Users can activate them in their settings after installing the app in your corporate environment.

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