Interactive floor plans 🗺️

1 minute read

We’re thrilled to introduce a groundbreaking feature to Ofisly that will revolutionize how company employees book their workspace. Our interactive floor plans take the reservation experience to a whole new level, making it simpler than ever to secure your parking spot, desk, or car. Not only does this feature streamline the booking process, but it also offers a visual overview of who occupies which workspace, ensuring a seamless and informed experience for all.

What the new interactive floor plans brings to the table:

  • Easy spot selection: thanks to the interactive plans, users can quickly and easily select a desk or parking spot to suit their needs.
  • Office overview: Now everyone in the office will have an overview of exactly who is sitting or parking where. The app will also make it easier to find a reserved spot.
  • Create your interactive map: The best part is that you can create your own interactive map. Just upload a floorplan of your office or parking lot to the app and mark the locations on the map.

We look forward to making the interactive maps a more enjoyable part of daily office life for all employees.

You can find the option to create interactive maps in the desk or parking settings.


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